December 2011

Kids Magazines: Which Do You Subscribe To?

When it comes to kids magazines, there are many out there that you could subscribe to. As you consider your options in magazines to keep the kids reading, do choose those that offer a theme that your children will enjoy. The sports kid is bound to like something different, for example, than the kid that loves everything science. However, there is a large assortment of options on the market and it is a good idea to choose any of them if it means getting your child to read.

Which are the top kid’s magazines out there? Instead of providing just the basic list, take into consideration what your child really will get into. Before you buy a subscription, consider what your child really will benefit from having in the mailbox each month. Here are some ideas.

Top 10 Magazines for the Year

Are you ready for something interesting to read? If so, this magazine report is about the biggest and best in the business. If you are looking for something interesting in a magazine subscription, you could turn to the magazines that have been popular for years or you could turn to a subscription that's new and interesting.

The Top Choices for the Year

What do others choose? Take a look at the top ten magazine subscriptions and most popular magazines for the year. Which of these do you subscribe too?

Time Magazine Turns to Digital Publishing

Is digital publishing the way to go for magazines? Reports indicate that it is incredibly important now, more than ever, for businesses to embrace the tablet computer especially if they are in print publications. That is exactly what Time Magazine Inc, the largest magazine publisher today, has taken the dive and hired a new CEO. Except, this CEO has no real experience in print publication. Rather, it is all about digital media instead.