October 2011

Stock Up Your Library with Kids Discover Magazine

If you’re looking for something both educational and fun to keep in your classroom or home library, you might want to check out Kids Discover Magazine. We chanced upon an issue at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve decided that we definitely should order some for Christmas this year. Our daughter is very much into the issue we have, which is about ancient Egypt; in fact, she now wants to be Cleopatra for next year’s Halloween, travel to the Sphinx (which she pronounces “Spanx”), and thinks everything reminds her of the goddess Isis.

Time Magazine Rushes Steve Jobs Commemorative Cover

Jobs Graces Time Magazine For The Eighth Time

Steve Jobs left an immense impact on our culture, that much has been established.  Apple products and other Steve Jobs enterprises from iPods, phones and pads to Pixar’s computer animated motion pictures, forged a gigantic mark on the face of humanity.  Of course, following Jobs death the magazine industry had to scramble to pump out issues featuring Jobs on the cover.

The iconic Time magazine decided immediately after Jobs’ passing that his visage would grace the publication’s cover for the eighth time.  According to the magazine’s Tumblr account, the magazine’s staff had just put the finishing touches on that week’s issue.  A hasty emergency meeting was called that resulted in a brand new issue featuring Jobs on its cover.  In just over three hours the magazine’s staff managed to repurpose its entire issue.

Rolling Stone's Great Issue On Politics And Television

Despite The Cover, Best Article Concerns David Letterman

Rolling Stone’s issue 1140, cover date September 29, 2011 is a great issue for readers that turn to the magazine for politics and culture at large, instead of articles on music alone.  Although its unlikely the magazine will ever live up to the three decades of Hunter S. Thomson’s gonzo political coverage, this issue contains enlightening and entertaining pieces on the state of the nation courtesy of Jon Stewart and Jeff Goodell.