Top 10 Magazines for the Year

Top 10 Magazines for the Year

Are you ready for something interesting to read? If so, this magazine report is about the biggest and best in the business. If you are looking for something interesting in a magazine subscription, you could turn to the magazines that have been popular for years or you could turn to a subscription that's new and interesting.

The Top Choices for the Year

What do others choose? Take a look at the top ten magazine subscriptions and most popular magazines for the year. Which of these do you subscribe too?

1.      Better Homes and Gardens: Playing to those that love a beautiful hope, this magazine remains popular.

2.      Reader's Digest: Anyone can get into the stories here and the short tidbits really make it an interesting choice.

3.      Game Informer: If you play video games, you need information. This is where you get it.

4.      National Geographic: This magazine caters to explorer in all of us who needs to keep being educated.

5.      Good Housekeeping: Another top home magazine, this one has been popular for decades.

6.      Woman's Day: Another one geared towards the woman, this one offers a great deal of helpful decorating tips and helpful articles affecting women everywhere.

7.      Family Circle: The lower cost and the insightful information makes this one a favorite, too.

8.      Ladies' Home Journal: You'll appreciate the helpful tips, recipes and decorating tips like people have for years.

9.      People Magazine: Who doesn't love to know what celebrities are doing? This is one of the most respected of the gossip magazines.

10.  Time Magazine: The news and insight has drive this magazine to be a top rated choice for decades.

Other popular magazines include food and sports magazines. Which come in your mailbox each month?