Time Magazine Rushes Steve Jobs Commemorative Cover

Time Magazine Rushes Steve Jobs Commemorative Cover

Jobs Graces Time Magazine For The Eighth Time

Steve Jobs left an immense impact on our culture, that much has been established.  Apple products and other Steve Jobs enterprises from iPods, phones and pads to Pixar’s computer animated motion pictures, forged a gigantic mark on the face of humanity.  Of course, following Jobs death the magazine industry had to scramble to pump out issues featuring Jobs on the cover.

The iconic Time magazine decided immediately after Jobs’ passing that his visage would grace the publication’s cover for the eighth time.  According to the magazine’s Tumblr account, the magazine’s staff had just put the finishing touches on that week’s issue.  A hasty emergency meeting was called that resulted in a brand new issue featuring Jobs on its cover.  In just over three hours the magazine’s staff managed to repurpose its entire issue.

Managing editor Rick Stenget stated that the crew worked “on the very same Apple devices that Jobs created.”

Time choose an iconic, vintage photo of Jobs, taken by photographer Norman Seeff in 1984.  Other magazines chose more familiar, modern images of Jobs or the Apple logo.  The New Yorker even pictured Jobs at the pearly gates of heaven as St. Peter check for his name on an iPad.

Jobs previous Time magazine cover appearances include an illustration from 1982, a 1997 cover featuring the Apple/Microsoft deal, a 1999 Toy Story cover, a 2002 cover featuring a new version of the iMac, a 2005 cover detailing the iPod, a 2007 appearance with “The Most Influential People of The World”, a 2010 portrait matched with a headline about the iPad and the somber memorial cover commemorating his death.