Magazine Report - Top Men's Magazines

Magazine Report - Top Men's Magazines


No matter if you are looking for a magazine for your favorite guy or you just want something interesting to read yourself, knowing which magazine is worth investing in can be hard. There are thousands of magazines out there and some of them do not offer anywhere near the information or the good stories others do. Depending on what you are looking for, chances are good there is a magazine out there that will fit your needs just right.

Top Magazines for Men

The following are some of the top magazines for men. They are in no particular order. You will likely choose those right for your needs and tastes. Here is to giving you some ideas to get started.

1.      Best Life Magazine offers a range of information including food, health, fitness, finance, style and even travel advice. It is the all around good choice for those that want to live a great life.

2.      ESPN the Magazine is the top notch choice of many men who are looking for the latest, and the most controversial or opinionated sports-related stories. There's no telling what interview will be up next.

3.      Field and Stream is a favorite for those who love the outdoors. The reviews of guns and equipment make this a good bet for those who plan to do some hunting, fishing or other outdoor activity.

4.      Men's Health has been a popular choice for years as well. it provides one of the best resources for good quality health information and guidance specifically geared towards the male body.

5.      For the bodybuidler, Muscle and Fitness comes in as one of the best of the best. You'll find a wide range of information here on overall good health.

Which of these top men's magazines are right for you? You may want a few of them.