Magazine Report – The Food Magazines for Health

Magazine Report – The Food Magazines for Health

We have all seen the recipe magazines and all of the baking versions out there. Those are fantastic but for those who are cutting back and trying to lose some weight (is it your New Year's resolution?) those magazines simply do not cut it. If you are looking for a way to trim back and need some fresh ideas to help you to do it, this magazine report is for you. These are the best magazines for those who want to eat well and look great by doing so.

Top Magazines for Healthy Eating

Do not worry – these magazines offer some great ideas about making healthy food less "gross" and more enjoyable. Check out the options available to you. You may be surprised by just how good your choices can be.

·         Vegetarian Times is a good choice. Even if you are not going "no meat," it offers some great tips and strategies for enjoying great food. We all need more vegetables in our diet, after all.

·         Cooking Light is the perfect combination of health and yet good food. You will enjoy the recipes in this magazine.

·         Clean Eating is another good choice. You can have it all and still enjoy your meals. This book offers both money saving and healthy, whole recipes and tips.

·         Weight Watchers Magazine is a nice choice, too. It offers some great ideas and you do not have to follow the plan to benefit from reading it.

Will you subscribe to any of these? More so, if you have used any of these, which one is your favorite?