Kids Magazines: Which Do You Subscribe To?

Kids Magazines: Which Do You Subscribe To?

When it comes to kids magazines, there are many out there that you could subscribe to. As you consider your options in magazines to keep the kids reading, do choose those that offer a theme that your children will enjoy. The sports kid is bound to like something different, for example, than the kid that loves everything science. However, there is a large assortment of options on the market and it is a good idea to choose any of them if it means getting your child to read.

Which are the top kid’s magazines out there? Instead of providing just the basic list, take into consideration what your child really will get into. Before you buy a subscription, consider what your child really will benefit from having in the mailbox each month. Here are some ideas.

·         For girls, a few options come to mind as being a good option. "Girls" is a good place to start. The younger crowd will also like "American Girl."

·         For the sports lover in your child, check out "Sports Illustrated Kids."

·         For educational fun that has been around for decades, check out "Highlights." It remains one of the best interactive magazines for kids today.

·         For outdoor fun and inspiration, check out "Outdoor Fun." Another good one for nature lovers is "National Geographic: Little Kids."

Do you subscribe to magazines for your child? If so, which do you find to be the most engaging? Finding the right combination of information and content will make the perfect way to spark reading in your child.