Amazon's 2 Year Deal

Amazon's 2 Year Deal

When it comes to magazines, there is nothing like getting a new one in the mail and knowing you paid next to nothing for it. Of course, if you know you are getting it for a long time, that magazine is even better. If you are looking for a great magazine deal from top names, check out's latest offering. If you sign up for a longer term, you will save even more and there are a number of choices to consider.

2 For Less

When it comes to magazine deals, this 2 year discount is a great choice. You can sign up for magazines like the following to save.

·         Discover

·         Health

·         Reptiles

·         Gardening

·         Vogue

·         This Old House

·         GQ

·         Glamour

·         Esquire

The list goes on and on. For example, if you decided to sign up for Health magazine, you will save about 89 percent off the total cost of a two year subscription and will only pay between $9 and $19 for it. A two year subscription of Esquire magazine costs you just $9, which is a huge 92 percent savings.

Is Two Years Too Long?

If you are worried if you will enjoy the magazine for the full length of time, think of this Amazon magazine deal in another way. If you buy one year, you'll get a good savings, but if you buy two years, you'll pay just a small amount more. In other words, it is not worth taking the risk of renewing at a higher rate down the line for just a few dollar savings now. For most, this 2 year magazine deal is the way to go.